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I suppose it would be proper to introduce myself first, but before doing this I feel that I must express how happy I am to have found a community dedicated to this culture. This is, perhaps, one of the last places I believed I would be able to come upon information and comradeship within the Cherokee community.

I, as you can see, am Dead_Dog_Blues. I am a girl, this year turning nineteen. I was adopted when I was born, but have been told since I was little that I come from a Cherokee background -- my mother having been 1/2 or full blood. The information on this is very little, adoption laws being as they are, however it is something I have always clung to.

I've wanted to learn more about this culture -- the language and traditions, but as I was taken to the northeastern area [Maryland, and now new york] the resources are rather limited, as are what interaction I can have given my dubious background.

My question, then, to end this introduction would be, where should I go, or rather, where should start?

For someone who knows nothing, this sort of integration is rather frightening.

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