Liera (pirateliera) wrote in tsalagi,


So can anyone tell me the Creation story of the Cherokee?

I'm quite curious. Thanks!
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which one?
whoa, there's more than one?! Like I said, I don't know much about my culture. Um, pick one I guess.
the world was created on the back of a giant tortoise.
A long time ago when the earth was new there was no land only sea....the animals became tired and cried out to creator.....we are tired...we need to rest....Creator responded by telling the animals that if they would dive down to the bottom of the sea there was earth if they spread it on turtles back ...they could all crawl up on his back to rest..the animals held counsel .....I am big and strong said the bear i will swim to the said the wolf i am strong i will swim to the bottom....each animal boasted of their strength....finally bear decided to swim....he swam and swam but soon could not swim anymore and came back up for air.....wolf went next but he too could not reach the bottom...finally beaver said he would go down...the animals looked at beaver...but you are so small and you are not that strong..not like bear, or wolf.....but the beaver said he could do he began..he swam and swam....he was gone for a long time......the animals began to encourage can do it.....finally beaver came up with
earth and placed it on the turtles back....soon the rest of the animals decided to give it a try.....each encouraging the other .....soon the turtles back was filled with earth and he began to grow, and by one the animals crawled onto the turtles back to rest.each thanking Creator, ..and that is how the earth came to be .
turtle island
Thank you! And welcome to the community :)