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I've been doing some research on Cherokee myths and traditions, and I ran across something that caught my eye, the Nunne’hi. I can't find much more on them other than that they were the "invisible people" who would sometimes appear as humans, considered wonder workers, sometimes assisted in battles... I found something that said they were the same as the "little people," but that was only one place, so I'm not sure if that was just a confusion or if that's correct. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody knew more about them and would care to share, if there are any names, hierarchies, probably going way deeper into this than is there but if there's more about them I'd like to know.

Also, I was wondering where would be a good place to start learning the language. I found a book in a store, but I didnt get a chance to flip through it, and with all of the books I've been buying for school I'm pretty short on money.

That aside, thanks in advance. ^_^v
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